Friday, January 11, 2013

Well I was having a good day. At least until I went to practice and then that fucking ruined everything. So here you go.

My feet moved hastily across the parking lot as my eyes scanned for the 94 Volvo, diminished now from it's former glory. I let out a sight of relief, grateful that the vehicle hadn't taken too long to spot in the ocean of shiny automobiles  It was old and rustic compared the the surrounding cars. it's coat of pain a far cry from the crisp white color it once was. Now there was mud splashes, and small scratches placed sporadically around it's outer body.

She always forgets to wash it, I thought bemused before opening the door to retrieve the medication for Charlie. The kid is probably going about nuts by now.
As I pop the door open a smell of discarded junk food hit my noise. Everything inside the car was pure, unadulterated chaos  From the Mcdonalds wrappers that ambushed the back sheet floors, to the hasty script written on the stick notes, probably reminders, that covered the entire dashboard.

I hesitated for a moment, afraid of where I inserted my hand, it would soon be bitten off by some forgotten rodent or pet. Thankfully the medication was right where she said it would be, on the passenger seat. My hands circled around the desperate object, probably thrilled to able to escape the car. The cool plastic felt weird compared to the crack leather it rested on.

Wait! Was that...evergreen? My eyes peered up locking it gaze on the air freshener  placed on the mirror. Something to probably combat the odd smell. to be honest the contrasting smell only seem to make the car's queer aroma worse. I sighed, grabbing the door handle, now deteriorate with erosion  It felt like sand paper, rough, unlike the smoothness of plastic in my hands. I gently shut the door and started heading toward the school.

Charlie's mother was already walking toward me, her hair in a frazzled state, blouse now un-tucked from her skirt as her feet moved frantically to meet me. Every attempted to look professional and put together, failed.

"Do you have it" she inquired desperately, hand surged forward.
"Yeah" I stated, giving the car one more lasting glance before handing her Charlie's medication.
We walked back, breathing in the crisp autumn air before confronting another chaotic mess.

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