Friday, January 11, 2013

So I am currently in my art class. I really should be painting however, my teacher is currently out and I need her help before I can move forward on my project so it looks like I'm going to be posting on here instead. I know I've been slacking off on this blog so I thought I could make today another double feature. Here is what I should have posted yesterday.

The blood rippled across the gentle unmarked skin, an attestation to the winds hollowing my insides as the voices continued to scream. Fingers glided diligently with their instrument in hand. It,  however grotesque the notes was necessarily to evade the uncanny noise and reel in the peaceful silence with willing out stretched arms. They almost looked like jewels, as the blood trickled down my arm, a metallic smell drowned my nostrils but cleanse the yelling in my head.

(9:55 pm Update... sooo many mistakes. I guess that's what i get for trying to do this in class)

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