Saturday, January 5, 2013


You know what really started off my career to want to be a writer?

Oh know not the horrid realm of fanfiction with atrocious original character who somehow end up shipped with canon ones.

Also let’s not forget all those painfully and mind numbingly insufferable Mary Sues.

Oh the Mary Sues –cringes-

No this was during the tender age of Seven/Eight and Ten/Eleven when I decided to write something base on the ideas and things that I liked at the time.

I wrote a story about Lilo and Stich, and how I busted him out of jail with my awesome space ship. We then arrived back to earth where we had celebratory ice cream while surfing ten feet high waves.

I had sooooo much fun writing that silly little short story. Who know maybe I’ll even post some of my old stories and poems (as much as they make me want to weep) on here. Oh the pain.

But I digress. Anyways that sparked the interest of writing inside of me. This was during a time where my apraxia was really bad but I didn't notice or care so I just continued on.

Then I discovered the world of video games around the 4th grade. Not just any video games either I mean RPG originally Japanese video games. One that was incredibly popular during that time was Kingdom Hearts. Oh how I loved that video game. Not only that I also had an obsession with dragons thanks to Eragon.

So of course I ended up writing a story involving specially designed Key blades where my character had her own pet dragon along with her best friend. Granted I’m not really sure you can call this traditionally fanfiction because I didn't use any of the canon characters, merely their awesome weapons and some of their worlds and ideas. God my eleven year old self was sooo pumped about this story. It was the first time I really wanted my stories to be descriptive instead of just writing what the characters were doing.

I even drew all of the keyblades in the story and characters that went with them. Drawing dragons were still a bit ambitious for me then. Even now that my drawing skills, although not amazing but I like to think just a bit admirable, have improved I still suck at drawing dragon.

Oh I was deadly serious about this story. Of course then my brother had to bring the world crashing on my head. Well at least that how it felt at the time. “Why would you write that you’re stealing people’s idea and you won’t ever be able to even publish it,” because on yes the publishing of my eleven year old works was so vital and important to me then.

Slowly I did stop writing the story, the wind completely taken out of my sail. Oh damn you practicality, crushing my eleven year old dreams.

If only I had known.

Still it fueled me on in my desire to write and I started to become more serious with the development of my stories and ideas. 

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