Friday, January 4, 2013

I don't care

I don't care that the hour is 6 am and I'm pacing across my room like a madman, internal monologuing (not a real  word) ideas and thoughts to a unknown audience that actually gives a damn. I am a patron of the night, that being said the night is my day and the day is my time to be lazy and complacent and ignore all the things that I need to get done.

Well... at least until break ends anyways.

Yeah that's my excuse for not posting anything technically yesterday. But whatever this is just going to have to be a double feature. I know, I'm bursting just from the near excitement of it. To be fair I actually was going to write something at a reasonable time yesterday. But because of my recent vampiristic (again, not a real word) tendencies, I went to sleep without meaning to.

Besides when I'm on vacation my "day" doesn't officially until 12 pm, or if I'm being good 10 am so there.

Yeah yeah I know I'm a bum falling victim of one of the most deadliest of deadly sins.
Yep, here I am just slothing up my life when I should be one, scrambling for scholarships, two doing the AP Psych homework since I have a test when I get back, and three finishing the rest of my really really late Christmas gifts.
Well.. that's what i get for trying to thwart the commercialism of Christmas by trying to make all my gifts.
C'est la vie.

God why do I all of the sudden want to be apathetic when I should be scrambling to get all my ducks in a row.


Here you go, my random sleep lacking ramblings at 6 am. Sorry Bates, this is the last time I swear. In fact I am going to go as far as to post something with actually creativity to it to go with this double feature. Like a segment from my novel. Okay its not really a segment its more like a... oh whatever I'll go more into depth about it when I post it on here later today.

Good morning to all you actually functioning humans, and as for myself good night.
(God I really need to get my shit together if I'm going to get through my last semester of high school)

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