Friday, January 4, 2013

Oh The Pain

But seriously, looking back at my NaNoWriMo tidbits of writings is making it hard for me to not just delete the whole entire file and throw my hands up in the air and yell screw it. But then I look at my more recent writings, segments, and portions of the story not written during that month of scramble and it makes me feel just a smidgen better. NaNo allows you to suck I guess you can say.

Promised a double feature so I'm here to deliver but lets get some back story. Me and few of my other friends (I know, believe it or not I actually have a few) decided to do this 500 themes challenge. Of course I didn't even get past the first theme however I did sporadically start writing small, at most four paged (around 1500 words) scenes with my characters. Mainly my main ones of course but I think I might start to delve into a few of my other ones so they can become more rounded out (at least in my head anyway) So when I do start writing part two of the novel I can utilize them more. 

Originally I was just going to give you the scene where my characters first meet (the 1st theme of my fail attempted challenge) but I recently wrote this random scene of out of nowhere. I don't really know if it's really an interaction between my main characters.  In the scene it implies that one of them is innocent, yeah my characters may have good intentions but they are not innocent and in fact can be self destructive little bastards. Who knows; I might do something with it and I might not.

The heavy scented wall of an inebriate breath hit me as I carried his heavy weaving body across the messy bedroom floor to his bed. Sock and embarrassing undies scattered across the floor. His armed circled around my waists tugging me closer as his other hand reached for the nonexistent hair on my shoulders. A whined escaped his lips and the alcohol hit the air once again forcing me to fight the urge to give up this dutiful quest and go back to my own place and sleep. Carrying him had been a wary feat and my body was already shaking from the trying weight.  I trudged on a few more steps and placed his body toward the edge of the bed as he continued to awkwardly touch my hair and waist. Whispers of nonsense pouring out. I detangled myself from him and push him forward toward the bed before deciding to turn away and make my exit. But greedy hands surged forward onto my clothes and I let out a throaty growl before I was pulled into a drunken embrace.

Panic filled me, unsure how far he would go, what he would even attempt to do. Futile attempts were made to escaped but even in this weaker state he was still at least physically stronger than me.

“Don’t worry” he stated with a drunken slur “you’re too good and…and pure to be touched like that.” He let out a large comedic sigh before wrapping his arms around me like a teddy bear and placing his face in the crook of my neck. “I’m sorry for touching” was his soft whisper into my skin. I bit my lip trying figure out a way out of  this mess.  “Too good” he mumbled once more before passing out his arms still clinging close and tight. 

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