Sunday, January 13, 2013


"All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and i promise you, something great will come of it. ♥"

Yeah easier said then done, heart warming family movie that I just stole this quote from. To be fair I understand why my dad is even considering this. Flying is not cheap and not to mention booking a room for the hotel and yada yada. However! we are talking about sending his youngest, the baby of six children, out in a big city alone that neither I or he are familiar with. So why is all this okay? Actually I take it back, this is really not okay. 

To give you a back story random viewer walking in on my freak out, I applied early admission to all the three schools I thought I could bear going to. With luck and my own bit of genius I got accepted into all of them. Yes I know, oh happy day. To be honest I was bursting with with happiness when this occurred. 

When I got accepted into my number one school I finally felt like maybe there was something special about me after all. I even got to become part of a group on facebook with my fellow early acceptees who turned out to be my people. At last I have finally found them. Yes life was a grand old thing until I got hit with the realization, dude you haven't even visit the place yet. 

Oh trust me I know this is where I belong deep down in my dark cynical heart, but still that was a good point. Oh and a point people just wanted to keep shoving in my face. You see my sister is a alumni to one of the other schools, and the next one, my back up school, is one that my brother is already attending and is not evening an hour away from my house. To say the least I'm at least somewhat familiar with both of those campuses but as for my number one, not so much. 

To be fair, it doesn't help that its a long long distance from where I live currently and like I said flights aren't cheap so I didn't want to visit until I knew for sure I would get accepted. 

I made a couple of facebook friends with the people who also got accepted, one who actually lives in my state and who wrote me a letter after exchanging addresses, that I have to admit was pretty cool. But hell that doesn't mean I should just automatically travel alone with her in a city I know nothing about. Sure she's been to the campus before and she is probably alot more suave with it's happenings than me but still. 

I am terrified. I know she is a cool person but hello? I have no sense of direction or common sense. I am book smart for a reason! Looks like for now all I can do is hope for the best. Me? the most pessimistic person I know. 

Oh what the heck. I mean damn't I'm 18! It's time for me to branch off and get a few scrapes and bruises. But still... this is kind of crazy and I'm not one to quote of course a tragic character "To depend on the kindness of strangers" -Blanche 

(P.S if you can't already tell, these weekend days are more likely to be blogs blogs instead of my actual writing)

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