Monday, July 29, 2013

Top Ten No No's for Writers

Okay so original this was suppose to be an article for this entertainment magazine. However, because this was focused more on writers than entertainment itself it couldn't be posted.

Top Ten No No's for writers.
1. Do not forget to read. Read, and oh by the way did I mention read? If you even have to ask why then writing isn't a choice for you.

2. Avoid Mary Sues like the plague (a "perfect" and contrived character with no flaws or blemishes in which writers project their over indulging fantasies: in other words a total boring and unrealistic one). If you're character is some perfect flawless human being than we as the readers don't care. Even if the setting and overall premise is that of  high fantasy the characters should still remain realistic. Escapism is nice but if we aren't running away with characters we connect to and actually care about than what's the point?

3. No useless scenes that lead to nowhere or don’t contribute anything to the plot. Yes that means even you NaNoWriMo[ers] (A nearly suicidal yearly ritual in which established and non-established writers try to fabricate a book in a month). There should be a reason and purpose behind every scene you write. Don't grab and hang on to one just because you like it. If  it's of no importance to what's going on, what you're leading up to, or what you're setting up for way in the future of  the story, take it out.

4. Don’t hide your story from the world. I know, you poured so many blood and tears down onto each page. The idea of someone tearing up your baby is horrifying. Just thinking about it makes me apprehensive, but how else will we grow as writer? Critique can save you as much as it can break you. In order for you baby to be all it can be, tough love will be needed. That being said; don’t change your vision to satisfy someone else’s view. It's what makes you do unique.  

5. Don’t compare your writing to others. You have your own personally style. Don't tarnish it by being deflated by the fact that someone might writer a little differently from you. This is self-destructive. Everyone's writing is their one little master piece, whether it's 500 or 50,000 words. Heads ups. Which leads me to no no number 6.

6. Do not try to copy others writing styles. Yes, I think we all aspire to have the writing prowess of Hemingway and Fitzgerald. That doesn't mean you should try to be a mimic. Look at other's writing with respect and then create something of your own.

7. Do not write about something you are not well versed in. If you are not politically savvy, do not try to write a political satire. Research is important but you can't cram years of study and medical terms into a few months to create some exciting medical thriller. Stick to what you know so you can be more flexible with your writing.

8. Don't have tunnel vision. Outlining can save many people's sanity but don't let your story become rigid. Sometimes it can take interesting turns you never thought it would. Don't miss out on the opportunity to see where you can go. Let your writing be free.

9. Show, don’t tell. Personally, this one is a biggie for me. If you want to immerse your readers into your wonderful story you can't just tell them what happens, you have to show them. Most people in this world know all the five sense, utilize them. For example; Kim hated Ben, so she made him trip. How about this instead? Kim smirked as she followed a dubious Ben from behind. The tip of her toes pressed against the heel of his squeaky sneakers, causing his foot to slip out and for him to stumble into the innocent bystander in front of him. He looked behind, finding the smirk still turning the corners of her mouth and brimming eyes.

10. Don't beat yourself up. Everyone is still learning and growing. We can't all be perfect Mary Sues so don't expect to be one; besides, no one likes a Mary Sue. Always be aware of your strengths and weakness but believe in yourself in the process. You are a writer, so don't let doubt take over something you love to do.  

Monday, January 21, 2013


I saw myself for the first time today with unclouded eyes. Sorry for the week free of posting. It's been kind of hectic but I have written a lot of things since that I can't wait to post.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Looks like today is going to be a busy homework day. I also have practice so  for now, just a short poem.

Faith crawled, nails bared, across the mind's chambers.
Body shacked in self-prescribed chains
Hands, folded in a desperate prayer.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Oh why must I? Why must I give a slight f... puck? Just forcing myself to have the motivation to do homework is draining in itself. Anyways here you go.

"Deborah!" Her mother exclaimed, her voice reaching shrill octaves as her eye pierced her daughter with distaste.

"Why on Earth would I even allow you to play a disgustingly dirty game like football? She continued to fuss, her fingers twirled the desperate pearls around her eloquent throat.

Debs, as she like to refer to herself, tug on her messy ponytail, a nervous tick she took on whenever her mother tried to shove femininity down her unpolished throat. The ripped frayed jeans clad legs rocked back in forth; her heels dug into the thick plush carpet.

"But" Debs began
"No!" Her mom stated, putting a resounding punctuation on the conversation.
"In fact" She continued, her voice now careful  with musing, "I'm going to put you into Cheerleading" She turned on her heels and left before Debs could even give a rebuttal.

"And stop putting your beautiful long hair in that nasty ponytail" Her mother called out from whatever distance she had taken before she disposed this horror on Debs' scabbed and sun-burnt shoulders.
So she took scissors to her long hair, leaving it at awkward jagged angles and weird splits, as fine hairs fell onto her body, into the marble sink, and  was left discarded into the sliver antique wastebasket.

Her father just gritted his teeth, jaw clenched and hands curled up into a tight fist. They were already enduring a war of silence between each other. He called after her, affection replace with mockery in his tones "you are the son I never wanted."

Her mother with curls squeeze tightly between her delicate fingers, fainted at the first glance.

Debs just walk to the custom made fridge, reflection of her new do appeared in the distorted images of the stainless steel appliances in her kitchen. Her hand circulate around the red Gatorade bottle, and she journey outdoors where her friends were waiting. Their sweaty bodies seem to glisten in the sun, beautiful grimy fingers clutched the weathered football.

"Nice hair" they simply told her, passing the ball in her direction.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


"All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and i promise you, something great will come of it. ♥"

Yeah easier said then done, heart warming family movie that I just stole this quote from. To be fair I understand why my dad is even considering this. Flying is not cheap and not to mention booking a room for the hotel and yada yada. However! we are talking about sending his youngest, the baby of six children, out in a big city alone that neither I or he are familiar with. So why is all this okay? Actually I take it back, this is really not okay. 

To give you a back story random viewer walking in on my freak out, I applied early admission to all the three schools I thought I could bear going to. With luck and my own bit of genius I got accepted into all of them. Yes I know, oh happy day. To be honest I was bursting with with happiness when this occurred. 

When I got accepted into my number one school I finally felt like maybe there was something special about me after all. I even got to become part of a group on facebook with my fellow early acceptees who turned out to be my people. At last I have finally found them. Yes life was a grand old thing until I got hit with the realization, dude you haven't even visit the place yet. 

Oh trust me I know this is where I belong deep down in my dark cynical heart, but still that was a good point. Oh and a point people just wanted to keep shoving in my face. You see my sister is a alumni to one of the other schools, and the next one, my back up school, is one that my brother is already attending and is not evening an hour away from my house. To say the least I'm at least somewhat familiar with both of those campuses but as for my number one, not so much. 

To be fair, it doesn't help that its a long long distance from where I live currently and like I said flights aren't cheap so I didn't want to visit until I knew for sure I would get accepted. 

I made a couple of facebook friends with the people who also got accepted, one who actually lives in my state and who wrote me a letter after exchanging addresses, that I have to admit was pretty cool. But hell that doesn't mean I should just automatically travel alone with her in a city I know nothing about. Sure she's been to the campus before and she is probably alot more suave with it's happenings than me but still. 

I am terrified. I know she is a cool person but hello? I have no sense of direction or common sense. I am book smart for a reason! Looks like for now all I can do is hope for the best. Me? the most pessimistic person I know. 

Oh what the heck. I mean damn't I'm 18! It's time for me to branch off and get a few scrapes and bruises. But still... this is kind of crazy and I'm not one to quote of course a tragic character "To depend on the kindness of strangers" -Blanche 

(P.S if you can't already tell, these weekend days are more likely to be blogs blogs instead of my actual writing)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

No Legs

I literally can barely feel my legs. So for the past three days before practice, me and my guard mates have had to run for 14 minutes straight. My legs have never been this sore before. I had to walk down stairs twice and man, I whimpered through it the whole entire time. All that running plus the three hour practice, not to mention the 6 hour practice that I just came home from... yeah my body is screaming at me. On the good news I have a new rifle! Whoot! I named it Captain Jack Harkness. Yeah I know, I'm a geek. Oh well that's all I have to say really today, I'm kind of tired out.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Well I was having a good day. At least until I went to practice and then that fucking ruined everything. So here you go.

My feet moved hastily across the parking lot as my eyes scanned for the 94 Volvo, diminished now from it's former glory. I let out a sight of relief, grateful that the vehicle hadn't taken too long to spot in the ocean of shiny automobiles  It was old and rustic compared the the surrounding cars. it's coat of pain a far cry from the crisp white color it once was. Now there was mud splashes, and small scratches placed sporadically around it's outer body.

She always forgets to wash it, I thought bemused before opening the door to retrieve the medication for Charlie. The kid is probably going about nuts by now.
As I pop the door open a smell of discarded junk food hit my noise. Everything inside the car was pure, unadulterated chaos  From the Mcdonalds wrappers that ambushed the back sheet floors, to the hasty script written on the stick notes, probably reminders, that covered the entire dashboard.

I hesitated for a moment, afraid of where I inserted my hand, it would soon be bitten off by some forgotten rodent or pet. Thankfully the medication was right where she said it would be, on the passenger seat. My hands circled around the desperate object, probably thrilled to able to escape the car. The cool plastic felt weird compared to the crack leather it rested on.

Wait! Was that...evergreen? My eyes peered up locking it gaze on the air freshener  placed on the mirror. Something to probably combat the odd smell. to be honest the contrasting smell only seem to make the car's queer aroma worse. I sighed, grabbing the door handle, now deteriorate with erosion  It felt like sand paper, rough, unlike the smoothness of plastic in my hands. I gently shut the door and started heading toward the school.

Charlie's mother was already walking toward me, her hair in a frazzled state, blouse now un-tucked from her skirt as her feet moved frantically to meet me. Every attempted to look professional and put together, failed.

"Do you have it" she inquired desperately, hand surged forward.
"Yeah" I stated, giving the car one more lasting glance before handing her Charlie's medication.
We walked back, breathing in the crisp autumn air before confronting another chaotic mess.