Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Short Story

well.... here you go.

I felt my throat tighten as his body clamped over mine, half protecting half restraining me from escaping his steel strong arms. One of his hands lays firmly over my throat to restrain the screams that have long since died steadily in my dry throat. I'm so scared, so lost in those intense stormy gray eyes that hold my mind and innocent wide eyes captive. He stares intently, as if his lost to everything that has happened, with such familiarity as if he knows me, and than the unbelievable happens, his hands leaves my mouth and are replace with his lips, searching and unsure... gentle before i began to taste the desperation on them. It fills me with even more fear as my body begins to shake under his unreasonably, but he doesn't stop kissing me, if anything it raises the desperation inside him as his lips become rougher on mine, willingly me to kiss him back... and i do wrapping my arms suddenly around him, he hesitates with surprise, but continues on, and I know, this is what his been waiting so long for. I can still hear the bullets, going off around us, but they no longer distract me. This war doest exist anymore, and they pay no attention to the supposedly lovers, lost and tangled into each others arms, filling in their lost moments with kisses and embraces.
"Eve" I hear him whisper in my ears. Is that my name? I cannot remember, and if I'm Eve... is he Adam? Was it our love that brought the destruction of this world, this Eden? I try to struggle under him but his arms just tighten around me, as his eyes began to search my face.
"please" he whispers , rubbing his forehead against mind, releasing one arm from around my waist to caress my face. His hands wipes away the moisture that had been collecting in my eyes,... was i crying? I felt so overwhelmed with emotion so new to me as the realization hits me, as the memories which my subconscious has fought so long and hard to bury back, comes rushing out... as i realize what we have done, what our love has cause. I was his Eve, and he was my Adam and it was our love that brings destruction to this world. That is why we remain untouched by the bullets showering around us. I see the gun laying a few inches away from us... the gun i had tried to kill myself with. I feel the sting of pain from the bump that had come from his body slamming me unrelentingly against the floor. His eyes tell me that he realizes i have recovered the memories which my concussion hid from me. I strain against him, my hand desperately reaching for my only relieve as his arms tighten around me as his tears began to mingle with mine, as i began to scream and claw. He slams his mouth against me, trying to repress them with his kisses, to repress the screams i know his also he also been holding back. I still try to scream at him.
"I LONG TO DIE!" but his gently kisses become rougher.
"stop" he saids trying to be strong for both of us as my sanity began to slip away from me.
"Don't" he says , his voice more forceful and demanding, but he breaks down again in my arms, and whispers me more quietly "Don't leave me." into my hair. My lips quickly find his once again and my arms cling tightly around. He loses himself with my touch, like me, trying to forget every thing that has happens. We are not closer to the gun, closer my reach as my hands grope for it our minds going crazy with grief, with shame that i know will slowly destroy us both. Its now in my hands, its touch freezing, stealing away my warmth. My lips stay press against his distractingly.... so lost.
"I love you" I say quickly, and he responds predictably, that he loves me back. I place the gun behind his head and his eyes widen with surprise but its too late. I pull the trigger quickly screaming "forgive me" all the same, still screaming as his blood splatters against my face, and even so as i pull the trigger against myself.
It was our selfish love
that had destroyed the world.

p.s yes it still needs a lot of editing, but i don't feel like doing that right now. well at least im writing again even if it is mostly crap.

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