Sunday, March 6, 2011

The End

The end of something.

Saying good bye and actually letting go of the past, of those mixed feelings that leave you feeling so F'd up inside.

Acceptance and conclusions that take forever to accompanied those bittersweet endings.

Painful engulfing memories which every good moment hurts even more than the bad ones.

But even worse, looking back then, and now at yourself and realizing all the potential lost there.

The broken dreams and naive wishes that keep us alive

realization that you have long since stopped believing in happy endings.

These are the thoughts that run constantly in my head. I am already thinking about the ending before my life has even begun to start. But i feel so trapped. I'm scared like a lost little girl running around the labyrinth, unable to find the center, the relieve and conclusion of everything. Theres only one path, yet i keep on screwing it up. I can't save myself. I'm just not that strong

not anymore anyways.

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