Monday, February 7, 2011

My bad...

okay so i didn't exactly have the time to write something that expresses my over joyed and happy life, with pockets full of wonderful sunshine. But hey, I'm taking honors and AP classes, and i'm involve with my winter guard, which had a competition all day Saturday, so i didn't have time to get to it. But i promise by Friday of this week i will have written something obtaining one ounce of happiness. Who knows maybe i might even achieve a pound. But i think setting up little independent projects like these will be good for my writing, especially if i actually do them. Maybe ill challenge myself once a month with a new style of writing, doing something that is usually out of my comfort zone, like writing something that for once, isn't terribly depressing.


this sounds like a pretty good idea. ha ha at least this blog will finally have a concrete purpose. Actually i think I'm really going to do this. At least once a month, challenge myself to improve my writing, or, to state it flatly, get myself out of this horrible rut I've been digging into for the past two years. Wow for once i feel like my insignificant life has some sort of purpose, even if it is a self serving one.

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