Monday, February 14, 2011


So yeah my fist attempt at writing something happy was kind of a fail. Not because of my lack of skills or ability to accumulate anything with a dose of happiness in it, but its because i didn't estimate the vast amount of homework i would be getting. So I'm sorry for the late update, and all i could pull together at the last minute was of course a cheesy short love scene between to people who don't even have names yet. Which... i honestly i wrote only five minutes ago under a minute, so its cheesy and a huge cliche and i'm sorry for failing my fist project, maybe ill try again when im not drowning in homework.

I casted my doubtful eyes upon him, filled with such wonder and under certainties.

He just laugh at me with those melting intense brown eyes. Challenging more, pushing, and plucking, and probing everything running through my mind with his intuitive gaze.

I didn't know whether i wanted to slap the all knowing gaze from his face or kiss him because he saw deeper inside me, more than anyone had before.

He made the decision for me

closing the physically space between as our mind clashed and slapped against each other. he wrap his arms around me caressing my hair gently

like a leach, his simple touch absorb all the tension out of me, and release all the poisonous thoughts that have ever enter my mind, from my soul.

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