Monday, January 2, 2012

Here we are again

Well doesn't this all feel familiar. I guess this is the place where I put up pointless resolutions and make promises that I'll only end up not keeping. Say how from here on out I'll write more and finally get over the sadness that's been clinging onto my skin for the past what? 6 years of my life. Yeah i could do that, but then again I would only be lying to myself so whats the point really of any of this?

Well there I go, being all depressed and broody all over again, just like last year. But I've gotten to the point where I'm too worn out and tried to give a damn and I can feel an apathetic nature starting to take over my heart. Hell I'm only 17 so what the hell do I have to be so tired for, i can hear those older then me saying, as if I have no right to be already exhausted from life.

Is it really my fault that my childhood got snatch away from me at a young age? Is it my fault that every adult in my life, people I'm suppose to look up to and honor has abandon me and force the mantle of adulthood upon my shoulders while they flocked away like careless teenagers? I never got to hold on to 16.

God here it comes the big 18, soon I'll be a legal adult and childhood will be gone for good.

I really don't know what to expect next year or that if things will get better; I've been praying for that for years. So I'm just going to try to take each day slowly and fight to get my faith back, fight for my childhood before it finally leaves me.


I'm so tired and all of those things sound so nice but they've been said too many times with no results, with only more disappointment, but if I don't believe I guess that will finally be the end of me. I'll just be another soul barely even existing. God please help me because if i try to do this on my own I'm only going to fail once more.

So here we go again.

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