Wednesday, August 10, 2011


5 years past, and now it feels like everything is coming into a full circle. The three still standing once again eating McDonalds, fridge empty, pantry empty, sleeping away most of the day staying in bed just to forget about the hunger. But this time there won’t be the nosy, judgmental, generous and considerate cluster of people giving us a month supply of casseroles dishes of frozen lasagna. Instead we receive the judgment, and nosy stares that accompany those who have adulterate and the looks of pity granted to those effect by the selfishness of the adulterer. We stay hungry. The anger doesn't go away instead it just increases with each grumble to my stomach reminding me to do something I have no power of doing. That feeling of powerlessness, but not from God instead from your so called hero, God is perfect, and selfless. He wouldn't leave us with this empty feeling in out stomachs. He wouldn't have caused it. I’m eleven again.

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